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I think much of the novelty has worn off my PSVN work. It is still a Good organization, and so I volunteered to help set up their fundraiser, The Dating Game. It was held at Sanctuary last night. I came early to help set up, specifically the silent auction. I am pretty good at the silent auction thing; even the experienced Board member I was working with started to defer to my decisions. But that was about it for the evening -- chatting with the board and officers of the Network. Because for a 1800 member organization, you see a lot of the same people. The event was a silent auction of about 60 impressive items, and then a live performance take on the 70s Dating Game TV show (Bachelorette, behind a screen, asks questions of Bachelors #1-3). It was cute, but I didn't stay long once that started. PSVN had trouble because the same night was the rescheduled Singles in the City at the convention center, as well as the second debate.

I've enjoyed watching the debates, and I've particularly enjoyed watching the debates with different crowds. The first one I watched with a mix of informed and uninformed voters, a reasonable crowd -- even with a mythical undecided voter. The VP one was watched on macbastard's floor, just three of us with some lovely Taste of India. Last night, Dave and I ended up taking susancalvin up on her invite, which is how we found ourselves soon after wandering through the myriad bars of Shadyside giving condoms to strangers. I think it would be safe to say that there were no undecided -- barely even differentiable -- voters among the Planned Parenthood (Action Fund) set. And if you watched the debate last night, you can probably imagine the set of questions that most animated the crowd.

It was an interesting and different way for me to spend a Friday evening, in clubs throughout the city.

Another week of my life went by, huh?
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