dMv (daemonv) wrote,

A Day, Off

I go from inactivity to dense activity. This week may be dense throughout, that should be good thing. Except for work.

After a day in isolation, I rallied a group to go to Udipi. Such a good place, so filling. Too filling; when we got back, all the plans we made went out the window as the food coma -- which looked like it was setting in at dinner -- really set in. Everyone left to go curlupandsleep. Except me. Because I had agreed to volunteer at the Theatre Titanick midnight performance. But I can't tell you how it was, because, after getting there and walking around handing out programs, and then having to stand on a platform on the hill to watch the whole 70 minute performance... I remained pleased that I didn't fall all the way over. I got home exhausted, but with plans to check my email and walk the dog. I sat down at the computer, and someone I like to talk to was on, so I figured I'd have a little chat to rally; if engaged, I typically have indefinate insomnia powers.

I don't know what happened next. That bugs me. It threw my whole Sunday off.

I walked into the house and sat down to chat, and the next thing I know my cell phone was going off in another room. I was in bed, in pajamas. The alarm on my phone, when I found it, had the alarm going off, and had been for 15 or so minutes. I don't remember setting the alarm. I don't know why I left my phone where I did; it typically sleeps by my bed in the cradle, especially if I was self-conscious enough to change into bed clothing. I walked over to the computer, where the chat session was still up. From the transcript, I just kind of abruptly stopped typing. There was unsent text in the buffer.

I don't know what happened. It happens often enough that I am comfortable with my alternative late night habits -- waking up and discovering I had been up 3-5 hours longer than expected, doing some kind of research or activity. Before I turned 18, this would often be manifest with root prompts (or login notes) from machines around the globe, and I would just accept it. Sometimes this would be a minidisc recording of a new riff I would have to reconstruct. But I'm less familiar with the other -- shutting down completely, prematurely. Unless I did something else and haven't found evidence.
Tags: blackout, corvis, health, sleep apnea

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