dMv (daemonv) wrote,

The week that was and will be.

Tomorrow we're going to the land of big iron (see the weather report) to record interviews for Total Information Awareness. effjay has been in town to work on it. He's gotten us in with the press room, so we'll get official press badges and everything.

My parents visited Halloween weekend. First time they've both been out except for Orientation and Graduation. It was nice to have them around, and I managed to keep them out of my apartment the whole weekend. No projects, no guilty cleaning. We spent our time eating good ethnic food and in the park with the dog. They got to see Vanja in his Rockstar weight and coat... a very impressive contrast to the miserable wretch the last time they saw him.

And then the week happened. The Red Sox won the world series, and Bush was elected president. It is an exercise for the reader how I feel about those events. I didn't even try to go to work on Wednesday.

Friday night we did Orient Kitchen (about once a week for me, lately) and then I met up with lange and Dave Yaron at Dave&Busters for some games and pool. My pool game has deteriorated a bit. Microsoft seems to be doing well by and for Mr. lange. Saturday, prompted by effjay, a crew went out to Fallingwater. Always lovely. Then a different group was assembled for The Incredibles, which was good fun. Pixar is very good. Sunday was spent at work, and then in the park, because I've got a cute&loyal doggie. He's putting up with a lot lately. And because it was in the mid 60s and sunny.

Today it is finally the start of the cold weather, just in time for the opening day of the latest Pittsburgh Ultimate concept: Foul Weather League. It is a very nice looking league, because only the diehards are willing to commit to playing outside in November -- 4 teams, 2 weeks, 3 games/team/week. All of the rosters look very good. My first game is tonight. Fall league ended well -- we got creamed in the semi-finals, and in the game for third place. The finals game was hot: the 4th seed team (2-5) beat the undefeated #1 seed in the semis, and then beat the 5-2 team in the Finals (9-3 at the half, but only 16-13 at lights out, from a 13-5 lead). Everyone seemed happy with how the league turned out, as far as I can tell.
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