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Social Calendar Flood

Why do buses travel in threes? Why is it that you can go weeks without a single party invitation, and then suddenly, three invitations for the same night? Or at least, that tends to be the case for me. No dates, and then four in one week. Or parties. I guess there are seasonality effects.

Fortunately, one of them was moved back a day, to last night. That pericles42 knows what he's doing. He threw a regression party: let's go back to our childhood, pre-graduate school stresses. Fingerpainting, gingerbread cookies, old movies like Labyrinth, and board games. jhurst and susancalvin taught me the basics of Magic: The Gathering, which I had never actually played. But I abandoned them to play a game of Risk.

I haven't played Risk in more years than I can count. Sure, that might be because it takes forever. And as I recall, it was a bit too aggressive for my mom (or that was her excuse). We started a game with 5 people around midnight (I believe). We eliminated one of the players (aerophilic, with a valiant first game effort). And then after we eliminated both of the other two players, the two of us who remained declared a joint victory truce. Because each of us was way too strong to make it clear who would win, and it would have been painful to even play out the next turn before it might be clear (50+ new armies each a turn for the next round). And cause it was 4am.

I do not expect to know more than the host (or maybe one other) at either of the two parties tonight. That's kind of exciting, as each of the hosts attract very interesting characters.
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