dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Holiday Plans

The next two weeks are an experiment. Emotionally, I feel fine. I feel strong enough, and curious enough, about whether my Pittsburgh network is strong enough to sustain me through the holidays. I'll play faux-hermit.
Where are you going for Christmas?
What are you doing for Christmas?
Nothing much. I will be painting my apartment.
New Years?
Hope to have that figured out at some point.
Painting your apartment?
Yes, it has been an informal plan for the last six months. In part, it will ensure that I leave in six months. And I've internalized it as something I should do. And it sounds like a good activity for a day in which everything is closed. And I neede more purple in my life.
Hopefully, Christmas will be more like Easter than Thanksgiving.
Tags: holidays, housing, indecision, moving, painting

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