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I think I'd be a pretty good homeowner -- someone want to buy me a house? I've spent the last few days painting. It was overly ambitious, and looks really nice so far. I still have perhaps 3 more days of my house in painting-disarray, partially because I am also still technically working. Also, in part, a Lux addiction. And the social life necessary not to be distressed.

But yeah -- I replaced the thermostat today, because I was sick of the old one. The old one, still mercury tube powered. Modern programmable thermostats are not all that expensive, and easy to install, and based on the heating bills of the last two years, it should pay for itself in a month (assuming I don't get my landlords to pay for it, which they likely will).

Finally, images make it more and less real. Video, moreso. Torrent of Tsunami home videos as discussed here.
Tags: games, housing, paint

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