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January 8th, 2005

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09:57 am - Weekend plans?
Several people have asked me what my weekend plans were. And for each, I thought for a moment and went "Wow, I have no plans for the weekend. No ambitions at all." That is not all that uncommon an answer for me, except that this time I was lying. I didn't realize I was lying until this morning, when I realized I was desperate to keep sleeping.

I am lying because I am signed up for an Ultimate tournament tonight, First Night of Flight 2005. It is an indoor, cleat-friendly all-night tournament. All night? Yes. Check-in happens, at the party, between 18:30-21:30. The first game starts at 23:30 and the last game (theoretically) ends at 7:10. Probably a 4:1 ratio, and 6 guaranteed games (40 minutes each). Last year my team lost in the finals and I somehow staggered home. I think I slept well. I think I will sleep well this time, too.

For a smart guy I ain't so smart.

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