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TIA, 26 Jan 2005

As a reminder to all, I co-host a radio show called Total Information Awareness. The show is on again for this semester as well, Wednesdays 6-7pm EST. You can listen to it in Pittsburgh at 88.3FM, or over one of the internets at (or iTunes, "Radio > Public > WRCT").

This week, it would be really nice if you called. Because bucy left this week, so it falls on me and a "special guest" to handle the 50 minutes. And while I can talk about the news, chatting with a caller is more fun for all involved.

Basic news collection summary follows.

  • Apple's Big Numbers: Since Oct 2001, 10+ million iPods; 4.5m in the last quarter. Since April 2003, 250+ million iTune songs; 1.25 million per day now.
  • Microsoft fights viruses -- or at least the Gates Foundation does. Another $750m/10 year contribution by the Foundation, to "Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation". Of particular note, to recognize just how generous Mr. Gates has been: The Gates Foundation, worth £17 billion, is now the largest charity to have been created by a single benefactor or private company. His donations have dwarfed the philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller. For the sanity of those of us who can't get too MSFT happy, it is worth noting that the Buffett Foundation is still just waiting on Buffett's demise to receive the $40 billion or so that Mr. Buffett holds.
  • Feel bad on Monday (Jan 24)? At least in the UK, it is the worst day of the year.
  • An interesting counterpoint to the comment spam approach
  • Lots of fun virii developments!

  • And much more. Join us, 6pm tonight. Even better, call us at 412-621-WRCT.

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