dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Stuff that has been happening

This is just an index to some of the stuff that's occurred lately:

  • Peru: I am now fully booked for my next adventure. I am meeting my sister in Cuzco on March 11th. Hiking the Inca Trail from March 13th through the 16th. Returning stateside on the 19th.
  • Blood: Apparently my trip to Boca del Toro eliminates my obligation to give blood for the next year. The Inca Trail will just postpone that date more.
  • Company: bucy has withdrawn, but the venture lives on with new energy. We now have a name, Data Ark Limited
  • Painting: Done, enough. Finally. I got hung up on my fear of Finishing Things, and so it has remained "one day's worth of work" for the past month. I finally moved back into my room last weekend. lunabellaluna (and somewhat, I) spent this weekend cleaning the whole apartment. Having an OCD-cleaning friend has its benefits.
  • Social: the arrival of skamille and others for the job fair last week put me into a recent local-maxima of social activity. Karaoke, Bars, 80s night. Succeeded in keeping pace with a Big Man in an All-You-Can-Eat sushi environment.
  • Blackouts: Had another one (prolonged period of evening activity with no memory and no apparent cause) a couple of weeks ago... just noting. lunabellaluna being a health-nut means I'll eventually get this kind of thing looked into.

  • I'm debating having another birthday party. Yay, Nay?

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