dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Loop De Loop

Another unexpected loop in my social connection matrix was discovered today -- I might have met robots_suck when I was spending time over at ommkarja's place, because she lived there for a bit too. Not quite as amusing as last week, when skamille and susancalvin both independently called me at the same time to see if I was coming to same thing to meet the same third party. CMU is just too damn small. Why am I still here?

Actually, both of those coincidences brought about by susancalvin. Apparently she is a CMU Kevin Bacon.

On a different note, pgh craigslist is apparently catching on. I decided to give away the misc stereo stuff I wasn't using. Posted at 12am. By 8:30am, I had 6 inquiries. It was a clever post that I've taken down to stop the flood. Subject: "Remove my stereo albatrosses", with the finishing line: "Audio audio everywhere and not a note for me".

I also started posting a couple of books to Amazon Marketplace. And what is amazing to me is just how fast they've sold; granted, these were mass market books of reasonably high appeal, and I'm listing them for almost nothing (if we factor time, I don't think I make any money). But still -- there are a lot of people out there buying stuff.

Why am I giving away and "selling" stuff suddenly? A couple of reasons. First -- I am under a great deal of stress, and my coping mechanism -- the healthy one, not the "run away" or "pint of ice cream" or "workout too much" -- is to try to simplify my life. This is extending is many dimensions. As examples, I have streamlined my email reading system and simplified my mail forwarding system (that has haunted me for several years as a "to do" project).

And I am dealing with my accumulation of Stuff. Stuff weighs on me. It has been several months since I passed the balance point of "volume of cardboard boxes in my basement"::"loose stuff in house" into the boxes favor. And I don't intend to move immediately. But I am cleaning, and cleaning makes me lose my attachment to stuff, and also remind me of just how much stuff I have that I have no use for. Stuff that I have meant to do something either with or about. I put 6 garbage bags on the street this weekend.

There is also a Karma factor. Some of the stuff I have recently gotten that I have been happy about has been discards from others -- or super cheap used books on Amazon. So I give back, by recycling my underutilized possessions back into the world. (I put out 8 bags of recycling, too).

But I have no regrets with previous times (PS2 games, for example) when I gave away items of value. Or sold stuff that I might want later.

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