dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Exhaustion is for your Health

The last two nights I have had vivid, memorable dreams. I'll have one that ends, or I take myself out of, and I'll be wide awake and talk to corvisdog about. It will be very late indeed, so I will try to go back to bed, and that's when the dream that messes me up comes. Sunday morning made myself awake to get out of the dream, and had to spend the next half hour actively trying to forget it because it was that awful. No, I don't know why it was that awful because I forgot it. This morning left me in a slight less panic and in a very odd mind.

The last two nights I have gone to bed at a reasonable hour. Prior, I had realized that I had stopped the practice of "going to bed". I stay awake until I am exhausted, or at least, able to fall asleep instantly. Often this involves a demonstration before I make it to bed. When I observed this, I thought that this was perhaps a bad pattern. Maybe it was a preventative measure to avoid my subconscious.

I will continue the experiment this week.

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