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Greetings from Cusco

I had an interesting dream yesterday. I was waiting for a flight in the food court of an airport. I had been chatting with a couple of people on my laptop, and kind of drifted off to sleep. And then I was woken by catwood, bucy and tessa (maybe some others) who were there to get food. And I said "I didn't tell you where I was". Looking at my computer, there was a message from one of them trying to organize dinner, resolving on McDonalds, and they decided that the airport one was the right one. And I thought that was funny and odd. And then I asked "but wait, you guys came down to Peru to wait with me for my flight" "No, of course not, we're in the meta-airport". And the memory of that I was supposed to be in Peru woke me up.

And I was still in the Lima airport food court, and it was still only 8:30am.

Watch dmvflickr for a couple of pictures. The shot I haven't taken yet is the "road that was just steps up" that my sister subjected me to when I arrived. She found a lovely hostel, but it was at one of the high points of the city (12000 ft). And I had felt fine, and still feel mostly fine, but this altitude exhaustion is bullshit. Your body is fine, its just that your heart quickly starts pounding, and takes forever to settle down. Fitness level means nothing.

So in 2 hours we start our camping/hiking expedition. Feel for me on Monday, when we hit the morning uphill climb from 3400m to 4200m.

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