dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Peruvian Update (Si, actualizar diario!)

Apparently my update from yesterday didn't make it out there.

Macchu Piccu was amazing. We left the town around 4 in the morning. We climbed approximately 10e8 steps in the jungle, in the dark. And so we made it to the ruins with the sunrise, and just as they opened. And despite the believe that the site was closed to everyone except with special backpacker passes, we made it just as the first tour bus arrived. Oh well.

As an aside, when we faced all those steps, I had consumed about 400 calories, mostly Gatorade, in the past 60 hours. In hindsight it is amazing how oddly the body responds to requests like "climb all these stairs at a pace to keep up with the flashlight" when there is no active fuel source. It is not a smooth process.

After about 65 hours, I was able to eat (some) solid foods again. I feel pretty good now, and I'm back in Cusco (3500m). Today's the last day with my sister, and then we both fly off to Lima and back to our "homes".

I've read some great books, which I will write up reviews of. Each is a recommendation for at least one other person.

And now I'll attempt to put up more shots in my Flickr space (dmvflickr).

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