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Sealevel: Where It's At!

My sister took off this morning, and I wandered about Cusco. Accomplishments:
  • Continued my habit of buying a sports jersey from the place I visited (bought total of three futbol jerseys, cause I found them cheap)
  • Tried Cuye al Horne (Roasted Guinea Pig), a Cusco speciality. The "Cuye" apparently originates from the sound they make as they die (fresh is best)
  • Found out how to be white and unharrassed in Cusco

  • And then I got on a plane to Lima. Lima is neat. It is a big dirty city. The taxi drivers are crazy -- I suspect some of them would be safer if they were equipped with Crazy Taxi hydrolics. But Lima is neat. Not just because of the catecombs under the Catedral de San Francisco -- which almost certainly extend below where I am sitting (Internet Cafe in my hotel) -- and their 25k bodies worth of bones. It may have something to do with my having just touched the Pacific ocean after a pleasant walk down from the new mall in the La Joya-like sector of the city. Yes, smoggy gross air but it has a full ration of oxygen. I ran across streets and up stairs. I feel like frickin Superman after escaping a Kryptonite trap.

    I gave my digital camera to my sister for her birthday, and because it was time and the only way to get her into the digital age. So after I put up a full album of the trip, don´t expect many dmvflickr updates for a little while. Hopefully we will get her flickr stream to enjoy.

    Back in a land where you don't have to buy or treat all of your water needs, tomorrow. Tessa has apparently taken extremely good care of corvisdog -- even took him to Danielle for a bath -- but I like to think he is missing me a bit. Cause I miss him.

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