dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Not too taxing

Did my taxes today, because it was on the todo list.

Actually, I did them like 4 times.

The IRS has a "Free File" program, where a zillion tax preparation sites have cheap offers of tax preparation stuff for you. For at least the better ones, there is no charge until you file; for the best, there isn't even a charge for federal e-filing if you go through the IRS page. I found it worthwhile to go through the motions for a couple of sites, because sometimes the angles and recommendations they provide are different. I got 3 different values of what I owed the government. At least in PA, some will let you file in the hopes that you will prepare your state returns with them also; unless it is complicated, don't bother. My state taxes were so easy -- all the sites that let me do them got the same result. You can file directly with the state government, based on the calculations that the sites did for you. Or just give it a shot; PA forms are not $10-20 worth of value add for me.

Just a heads up.

Living with a phone that can send calls (if I know the number or speed dial number) but which merely blinks an LED when calls or messages are left... interesting. Not a long term solution. I guess I am off to find one of those now. I am mixed between sticking with Sprint -- who I've used since Aug 2000 with little problem -- and going GSM. I think I'm going SmartPhone this time around; they have gotten good enough to hold my interest. GSM has the advantage of still being viable if my running away leads me international. I only have 8 more months of contract with Sprint... maybe I should go try to play "let's make a deal" based on that contract basis.

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