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Total Information Awareness, 30 March 2005 - dmv/blogs/lj — LiveJournal

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March 30th, 2005

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05:27 pm - Total Information Awareness, 30 March 2005
Oh yeah, that radio show thing. Yeah, we still do that.

  • Cannon, the digital imaging company, gets into the "production and sales of pharmaceutical products"?
  • What's your favorite 7,816,230 digit number? Is it 2^(25,964,951)-1?
  • PSP launched. With an unofficial webbrowser.
  • Talk of downloading and the grokster supreme court case.
  • Bob Parson is screaming about the latest move by the NTIA... this is not cool.

  • And lots lots more. Tune in, on WRCT.org, 6-7pm EST (live). 412-621-WRCT.

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