dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Mobile Update

Well, that was far easier and faster than I had expected. My phone now thinks it is the 414 number that many of you have. For the next 24 hours it may be a bit dicey about which phone will ring if you call it. But then I am back to being able to be reached by people at the number they try to reach me at.

And today I am again a double-fisted cellphone freak.

In other news, I physically installed my OmniFi DMS-1 this weekend. Still have the electrical to do, as well as stealth-install the FM modulator I have to use for now. But it looks fun. If you like wireless audio options for your home and car, Woot is running the deal for them again today. I am pleased, at least.

And now that it is summer, my ice cream addiction is all the more apparent. I say addiction, and I mean it.

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