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Fun Activity Plug

My friend kiad is running a study today. It only got approved yesterday, but it sounds like the cup of tea of at least three or four of you readers. Today, 3-6pm EDT, go to The Guessing Game and play. More below the fold.

Hello friends!

The time is growing nigh for my first scientific experiment to start.
I am running a live gender guessing game from 3-6pm EDT today. We'll have a
bunch of AIM clients reading to conduct short 5 minute sessions with each
participant, where the players that sign up get to ask two members of our
team any question they like in order to figure out which one is male, and
which is female. (They will both say they are female). As of right now-
we've only gotten 35 sign ups- and we need at least 100.

If you could post an endorsement in your blog, email it to a friend-
any of these things would be very appreciated. We got off to a late
start because the human research board only completed its review
yesterday morning- so we didn't have much time to advertise!

The website for the experiment is and at the
bottom of the consent form will be a button that says "I
consent" after 2:30 ET or so- and will direct the player to a moderator
that will get them started with their test subjects. The entire test
should take no more than 15 minutes- hopefully closer to 10.

Anything you can do to help us get 65 more sign ups would be greatly

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