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More from Ecuador

More news from the revolution.

I suppose it is finally comforting that most of her students are active duty soldiers in the army. So if things actually got risky, she has personal connections with them (as well as the US embassy marines for support).

From: My Sister

it is so crazy down here!! the news is the most entertaining program on TV... very exciting with rumors flying and people going nuts. it's still unclear what will happen... when i turned off the TV last night the vice president was trapped in a room with two military men and the people were demanding that he dissolve congress and have new elections within the next 3 months to replace EVERYONE.

anyway, i am safe. i am at the espe now, altho i doubt any of my civilian students will show up (public schools have been cancelled for the day) so i am surrounded by military men to protect me. things are much calmer today and in true quito fashion, the rain has sent a lot of protesters/celebraters home.

and to add to it, my cell phone is in the shop because the antenna broke off so there is no way to contact me!

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