dMv (daemonv) wrote,

In Support of Web Utilities

In the space before I make my next entry (keywords: "Summer League", "lease renewal", "vanja update"), I decided to splurge on a permanent livejournal account. I have been a paid user for three years now, and while the expectation is that I would have to use livejournal for an additional 6 years before it made financial sense... I splurged anyway.

I have 160 days left of my paid account, which I can assign to another user now that such metrics no longer apply to me. Does anyone care about being a paid user until November? Comment with your reason why I should give it to you (or send a private email if it is particularly steamy). I will decide tomorrow night.

If you are a super dork, you can buy your own permanent account today only; see news for details.
Tags: web utilities

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