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Jobbie, 2

I meant to post after the Amazon interview. But I needed some time to distance, and then it was old news. Summary: I am not moving to Seattle, and it is probably a Good Thing.

To be convincing, one must be internally convinced. Within a span of a week, I went from sythesizing my life's accomplishments for one set of strangers as evidence that I have been moving my life toward on direction and goal... to other strangers why I have targetted another. Both future directions are mostly incompatible, and generally fall toward explaining why the other direction is Just Not Me. The loser: my sense of me.

The Amazon interview ended up being a trap. Having explained to the recruiter on the phone that I was uninterested in being a programmer... I found myself in a technical interview, writing code. I almost walked out after the first (of four) interviews, because it was awful. I was convinced to stay because I was assured that the direction I wanted was one they could provide; but I doubt that's true, which is why I was neither surprised nor upset when I learned two days later that they did not want to proceed.

I am scheduled to interview in Boston with the investment consulting group. In the process of preparing for Amazon, I have increased my uncertainty on the Boston job. It is still a really good idea, if that's the direction I want. But the recruiting is completely different. They have no travel budget for recruiting for the position, so despite successfully making it through Round 1 (difficulty: high), I have to get myself to Boston for the second round. It is entry level, and while I am certainly not anything but entry level in this kind of work... it is a cultural change. I don't know numbers, but am assured that the money is good but not Consultant grade great. I just have to remember that it is a 2-4 year position to use as a launch platform for going on to the bigger and better things available. Basic training and exposure. Boot camp.

Maybe I should just join the military.
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