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New place

OK, it was attempted as a joke, and when no one laughed, I got distracted.

The challenges in finding a place to live were daunting. I wanted to find someplace:
  • Month-to-month
  • Low moving requirements (so I can stick all my life in storage)
  • Reasonably cheap
  • Relatively close to campus
  • Interesting area
  • With corvisdog

  • Naturally, the hard part was the last one. There seem to be an increasing number of dog friendly options -- and Corv having his CGC makes that pitch easier. However, most places that would rent to a dog owner want to establish a relationship -- ie, an annual lease. If I wanted to sign a lease, I would have renewed my present place.

    I related the story of finding Negley because a very similar pattern happened again this time. I was getting very nervous about where I was going to live -- to the point where I had priced out what it would cost to spend the gap between being out of Negley and my trip to Costa Rica in something like a Motel6 (surprisingly reasonable). I think I was summarizing that to someone when I once again decided to load up craigslist. It had been a nervous habit for days, but I had not done so all day.

    There was a post that fit what I was looking for. So I sent an email. And then I read it again, and noticed that: a. they had posted it less than 15 minutes prior, and b. they had said to call. So I called. I think it startled the poster, but that is the general speed of craigslist, now even in Pittsburgh. Appointment made the next day. Corvis and I went down and convinced them on the spot to rent to me, despite having several more appointments later that afternoon. Forgot my check, however, so I didn't secure it until the day after.

    My new place to sleep is in Munhall. Munhall? It is just the other side of Homestead. A quiet little sidewalk community. Not so far from campus.

    There are some interesting features of this place:
  • Reasonably cheap, single furnished bedroom
  • Lovely Tudor house, being actively renovated
  • A couple of blocks from a big cemetary (drive through to get there); yards with tie-outs in front and back, and an enclosed porch.
  • Housemates: the owner, her boyfriend, and another woman who hasn't moved in yet.
  • Animals: A large Golden Retriever named Ringo. A small declawed black cat. Perhaps another cat and ferrets.

  • The boyfriend is a T-Mobile rep who has already equipped the house with cable, cable modem, and a wireless network. My cost of living drops significantly in this arrangment (less than half of my previous rent, plus only 25% of comparable utilities). And I get to conduct useful experiments on myself and the Corv:

  • Roommates.
    I have lived alone for 3 years, with the exception of almost a month each with macbastard and reticello, and a period of time with ommkarja. Prior to that, I spent two years living with zkhan, which was pretty close to living alone. Prior to that, two years living in the dorms with zkhan as a roommate. And before that, living at home. Summers were spent either alone or at home.
  • Dog mates.
    In the almost three years that I have lived with Corvis, he has spent one-or-more nights with Thunder, Katy, and with Katy in daycare. Corvis has changed quite a bit since then, but neither of those links trigger happy-dog-memories. And yet, I persist. I think having a dog around might be good for him, if it is the right now. And Ringo may be -- socialized, large, submissive.
  • Stuff.
    I have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. And it bothers me. I am moving into a situation where I intend to introduce a "Car Load or less" of my stuff into my living environment. The rest is being given away, thrown away, or put into storage.

  • My hypothesis is that both will be more stressful that I am presently accounting for, but that it will work out. Corvis and I will understand better how flexible we can be. I am going to start living there sometime next week (after I get back from Boston). If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are interested in stuff (books, furniture, alcohol), send me an email or give me a call and we can figure out a time to show you what I have that you might want. I'm feeling pretty generous. I've already sold the majority of my CD library as a fundraiser for Tracy.
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