dMv (daemonv) wrote,

LIFA stage III

Well, fuck. Remember that crazy 4 hour test I took last month? I guess I did not follow up on the experience itself: pretty dang hard. Keeping focused for 4 hours is tricky. While I have pretty good training on staring at a computer monitor and clicking things for that length of time (and large multiples on it), it is still a strain. Especially on a monitor with a refresh rate just about flickering for me. Especially as your eyes get tired, reading pages of text of similar but slightly different paragraphs and numbers. 200 questions, and a countdown clock on the side. And while I felt fairly confident in my multiple-choice test taking abilities, answering problems that ask for some statistical result on a table of numbers, the resulting variable being a value you've never seen before... well, test taking skills go out the window. T-Value? Excuse me?

Apparently, I passed. Level III, the final stage. The one that is being opened up for now to experienced finance folks. On a test that has asperations to be CFA comparable. And, taking it cold, I passed.

Doesn't feel like much of an accomplishment. But I guess I will mention it in my follow-up thank you letters to the people who interviewed me on Monday.
Tags: investments, lifa

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