dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Disperse the Stuff

If you have an interest in stuff, or free beer, or feel like hanging out, I will be at my place most of Sunday (24th of July). Stop by late afternoon or in the evening.

As a highlight, there is a 25 year old bottle of Port that will be opened in the evening.

On Saturday, I have the use of the self-storage company moving truck. If all goes well, most of the things left at 1272 N Negley Ave on Sunday will be of the form where I will have to sell, give away, donate or trash. This is not garbage. I am keeping probably less than half the books in my library. Lots of computer and electronics parts. Various pieces of useful furniture. If you have special requests, email them or comment below, and I might be willing to part with them. Stop by Sunday, and prepare to leave with stuff that might catch your fancy.

Over the next day or two I will probably start posting some of the items for sale. If you are a good friend, you get whatever you want. If you are a friend of a friend, feel free to offer me something liquid (as in asset) for it. My fridge still has too much beer to bother transporting. The projector will still be operational and showing movies.

But the port may be the highlight. On my birth, my parents bought a couple of bottles of Port of the year. It has been aging over my lifetime. It was supposed to be consumed on my 21st birthday. Or, then, graduation. Or, then, on the founding of my first company. The thing is, you are supposed to let port settle for something like 6 months before it is worth drinking. It has now been stable for 3 years. I'm about to be more nomadic, and these milestones either pass too fast, or don't happen. Leaving this apartment, my first post-college place, is worth toasting. Maybe a job offer.

Or maybe celebrating our pride, Rus. Ukr. Mold. Amer. CH. Vlastelin Udachi Iz Podnebesija. The Amer. thing is up for grabs on Saturday. If he pulls it out, he's the first ever Rus. and Amer. champion.

So find some time and stop by. I should be there most of the day.
Tags: indecision, moving, party, vanya

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