dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Off to the beach

Not that it bothers anyone here, given my posting frequency, but I'm off this weekend. Yanchak invited me to be on his beach ultimate team at Don't Give Up the Disc in Erie. I've never played organized beach ultimate before, it should be interesting.

I guess Fall League 2005 will launch closer to Sunday than tonight. It is just about set, and should be great fun.

It feels odd to be leaving, with lunabellaluna set to ship off on Wednesday. But I'm excited, and the last couple of days have been dramatic enough that I'm not sure there is much to be learned with another couple of days of no work. Neither of us know what's going on. A bit of time and space will help, before the giant time-space divide starts.

corvisdog seems to be settling into the new place well. Today was the first day I decided to leave him free to roam the house while away. No disasters. He "likes" the ferrets when they run. His schizophrenia emerges with the cats: he ignores them, or barks and chases them, minute by minute. We're both adapting to this new situation fairly well, I think.
Tags: corvis, tessa, ultimate

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