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Snake fighting...

While I was away in Erie, corvisdog tried to eat one of the cats. He was otherwise good. That's a good explanation of how I am right now. Mostly good, functional, friendly, although I might occasionally attack a cat.

Fall League launched last night. We've changed things quite a bit, mostly for the better. It launched last night, and today the registrations have been pouring in. We're over 1/4 full. So, if you are interested in playing, sign up now. Online registration and everything. This will be a good distraction, because...

lunabellaluna flies away within 12 hours. Who knows who either of us will be when she moves back to the States.

I didn't get the job in Boston -- did I tell you that? It is probably for the best. But this means I am in a precarious position of not knowing what next to do with my life... and no longer being too comfortable. I'm now a boy and a dog with a degree, random esoteric work experience, lots of ambition and little to show for it.

Summer League finals are designed to mess with me. I finally have a competitive team that is favored to make it to at least Quarters. We can probably make the Semis. Or rather, Chironex Fleckeri will make it there. They've split Finals, you see, between the day it was scheduled for, and the day after, when I am scheduled to fly to Costa Rica. If we win, I'm done before the team is.

But I'm still scheduled to fly to Costa Rica to spend 10 lovely days with baddfaerie. And that counts for a lot. I am going to get my Advanced Open Water certification, the next logical step if I decided that maybe I should just become a scuba instructor next.

I had a nightmare last night, about some of the move residuals I need to take care of.
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