dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Too slow

Too slow for a real update.

After finishing my course, Mary and I took a one hour bus ride to Liberia. Then we got on a 6pm 4 hour bus ride to San Jose, except that at some point it became an overnight bus, parked in the middle of the road for everyone to sleep, and took 12.5 hours. From there, we took a 3 hour bus to Puerto Limon, a 20 minute bus into the middle of nowhere (Moin) and then a 3 or so hour boat ride through the Caribean canals of Torteguara (sp). We´re on the island for the next couple of days; tonight is a night tour of watching sea turtles do their egg laying thing.

Wheee. Too much transport, although it is all adventure all the time.

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