dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Solved League

Fall League starts tomorrow -- it has been quite a roller coaster, the last 5 days. We had our fields and days taken and changed on us on Thursday. We filled up the league on Friday, and then spent the next three days swapping players in and out. We posted team rosters, and then had some significant withdrawals... so we had to reshuffle the entire league. Teams and schedule were posted around 2am last night.

I posted them. Because I determined the teams. Because I wanted to try something. And it worked; or at least, the experiment is underway.

I used a multi-objective Genetic Algorithm to solve for a league with equal rosters and overall balance of player quality.

My writeup should be accessible from the Pittsburgh Ultimate BBoard. Post there if you want to join the dialog. Or, of course, comments here will get to me.

Based on how the league turns out, I am thinking of doing a more formal write-up, and release, to make this technology accessible to other users.

It was fun.

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