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Can thinking about deep diving too much cause the bends? Cause my right arms feels almost exactly as I have always imagined a minor case of DCI to feel. Pain in the joints and fatty muscle, worse when you try to move it. Probably just sore from restarting lifting and handling more than usual in Ultimate last night.

--Begin Ultimate--
The league is going well. So far the average score difference is 4, and if you exclude the two blowouts (Except for Inflation, there's no Inflation) it is 2.16. The teams are all very close, so any slippage may result in a substantial penalty -- we went from a 15-10 lead to 16-16 through 19-19, winning at 21-19. And that only because we fell back to scoring via the "Huck it to Steve O'Lare" strategy.
--End Ultimate--

I am driving out to an interview on Friday. With a firm that is very serious about hiring me and which seems to be a very strong match for my interests. A better transitional experience than I had previously been looking at. They are moving very quickly. It is an expenses-paid trip, but driving and flying are approximately the same time and hassle -- and this way, I can bring lunabellaluna to scope the area. We were going to do a road trip this weekend anyway. And another drive next weekend to the Zodiac tournament in Rochester.

This weekend, lunabellaluna and I came very close to bringing a brother for corvisdog home. It is just that there is much chaos in the air. If he is still there after next weekend, it may happen in spite of the complications.

Went to March of the Penguins on Thursday. And to The Aristocrats on Sunday. My media dollars at work. Both movies are probably worth your media dollars as well, for varying levels of "worth" based on your personality. On Saturday, Tessa's brother took us (via work tickets) to watch the Pirates game against the Cinncinati Reds. The Pirates won, with two home runs within the first 5 pitches or so. Neither team is what you would necessarily call "good". After winning yesterday as well -- 4 in a row -- the Pirates remain at the bottom of the National League Central division, 32.5 games behind the leader. Cinncinati is only 25 back.
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