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September 25th, 2005

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08:08 pm - Whew, by the numbers.
  • Length of trip: 4 days
  • Miles driven: 905
  • Defective Books-on-tape from Library: 4
  • Hour of check-in yielding Marriott discount: 11pm
  • Number of interviews: 12
  • Approximate Percent of Firm represented by interviewers: 20%
  • Most obscure interview question:
    Write van der Waals gas law on the board
  • Time spent with zkhan in car: 2 hours
  • Approximate Percent of time with Zia spent in Traffic: 85%
  • Percent of time spent with Zia for Holland Tunnel mistake: 30%
  • Hours in Scarsdale, NY: 14
  • Number of Alternative Names applied to Tessa by my grandparents: 6
  • Minutes from waking up to computer work for grandfather: 32
  • Pints of ice cream consumed, personally, in State College: 3
  • Hours in State College: 18

  • I will learn tomorrow if I got the job. I remain skeptical but intrigued.
    And tired. Rather tired indeed. It was nice to have a companion along.

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    [User Picture]
    Date:September 26th, 2005 01:59 am (UTC)
    Did you get the gas law question right?? I vaguely remember that from AP Chem in high school, but YOU'RE a chemistry major. :)
    [User Picture]
    Date:September 26th, 2005 02:36 am (UTC)
    No. I could reconstruct some of it from a theory standpoint, but I just went blank. And that was the first question for one of the interviews... he just sat down and said "write it on the board".

    This was a job with no chemistry expected, but I got grilled on chemistry matters from this guy, with a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton, and on theoretical chemistry by a Director (Partner) with a PhD in Chemical Physics from some Ivy. I knew it was a company of smart people, expected hard computational questions... but didn't think to review chemistry.

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