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October 30th, 2005

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01:09 pm - Offline, Week 1
As a tip for my readers: cellphones do not work better when washed in a washing machine. Quite the contrary, really. Especially smart-phones like Blackberries. Like my blackberry. Not that I did that last Sunday afternoon for any reason other than to provide experimental evidence for you, my reader. And I did not delay posting about this because I wanted to make sure that if my insurance policy does not cover washing machine damage, I did not have a public record. It could have been the significant rain we had last weekend. Fortunately, I did have the insurance, and this is a covered event. Unfortunately, they needed to talk to me on the phone to finish my claim -- made trickier without a phone, their IT about this was poor, and I did not reach them until Friday. I shall remain offline until Tuesday.

Other delayed postings: On October 21 Tessa and I celebrated a one year anniversary of sorts. Yes, that's crazy-talk.

Progress kind of continues on the new job front. I'm not aggressively pursuing it by any stretch of the imagination, just letting serendipity do its thing and letting things develop before talking about them. It looks like I couldn't start until January at the earliest, now. I told Seth he'd get a month's notice; that may or may not actually happen. It sounds like there is a strong chance of another Field Study to somewhere fabulous this December. The Field Studies are the reason I was in Kyiv and Panama the previous two Decembers. This year, trips that looked good but have fallen through were Reinsurance in the Bahamas, and a study in China. My Parents have my passport for visa reasons, and carte blanc for taking me away.

I noted that I was altering patterns for the chance to watch certain television shows. Just subtly, but that triggered the Tivo purchase. Bought a lovely HUMAX DVD-R unit, and it is working just wonderfully. When I move, I will either get a TV and cable because Tessa likes it, or give it to my parents. No, it's not MythTV, but with the rebate it works out to be rather cheap, rather easy to use for my less technical co-users, and very easy to set up.

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Date:October 30th, 2005 10:39 pm (UTC)



I still need to do something about the DVR thing given that I now literally have to go to bed before most of my shows come on! I keep saying I'm going to build a mythtv box. I should just stop whining and buy the hardware ... or a shrinkwrapped product.
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Date:October 30th, 2005 10:51 pm (UTC)

Re: DVRs

With the present deal a new Tivo is somewhere between $30-130 after $150 rebate. The rebate is approximately equivallent to a year's worth of service, which is the contract length they want -- so basically, I give them $150, they give it back to me, and then I give it back to them over a year.

It worked out of the box with our cable service (extended basic). The only tricky part was getting it set up initially, because the first time it downloads, it has to download by modem apparently. So I had to bring it over to Tessa's brother's house, who has a landline but no TV, borrow a TV, wait an hour, and then bring it back home. A USB wireless or wired ethernet card is what you need after that -- and it supported my super-funky one.

Build or buy, but do it -- it is amazing for changing the TV you watch. It has been acquiring content for me that I didn't know to look for, and it means that whenever I sit down to watch I get concentrated goodness.

The downside being that I no longer can claim I am multitasking or taking a quick break. Also, it takes some getting used to not having convenient pauses to go get something to eat etc. Pausing TV is weird like that. It is easy to understand it in the context of "oops, I got a phone call". Harder, behaviorially, that every show is a DVD.

And my box is a much better DVD player.
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Date:November 1st, 2005 09:24 pm (UTC)


What is this-get tv with cable because tessa likes it???? You are so guilty of liking the cable tv....maybe even more than I do....

I think I just whine about it, which makes it more apparent.

And that is all I have about that......

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