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Last week I launched another league. This one is for crazies, by crazies.
  • Six teams, small rosters, 5 on 5 (3m:2f), one hour (timed) games
  • Games are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • Every team has two games. Every night.
  • Outside, in November, in Pittsburgh.

There was a finals party for Fall League on Monday. I held a draft on Tuesday. We had games on Wednesday and Thursday. In short, I was out until after 11pm for four consecuative nights this week exclusively for Ultimate.

I will talk about the draft later -- but once I made it happen (6 hours of serious coding, approximately), it made the whole thing worthwhile.

Wednesday night started appropriately for a League known as Foul Weather League: torrential downpour and tornado warnings. More rain, and more mud, than could comfortably be stick-shaken. Thursday night was cold. Both nights were made better by the grill, boiling water, hot chocolate mix, and s'mores materials that will be there every night. I've ended up playing savage, or near savage, as a floater for a third game every night. Good fun.

But between the continuing games, I will still be fitting in:
  • The new Harry Potter film on IMAX at the Pittsburgh Mills. 12:01 show on Thursday night, if anyone cares to join.
  • Light Up night is Friday. Haven't figured out what, but will probably do something.
  • Trip to NY for Thanksgiving. From Tuesday the 24th to... sometime. Last time in my grandparents' house before they sell it.
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