dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Playing Ultimate in the cold is fun. The last two nights it has been below 30, plus wind. It is good that the teams are small, because as exhausting as playing is, it is wonderful to run around in the cold. After enough points, people were able to strip down to skin to change. In 20 degree weather. We got a patch of snow on Wednesday, and yesterday the ground was frozen. I played two games -- the early game and the late one. In between, my team had a party in a mini van with a bottle of tequilla. After the game, I sprinted up to the new Pittsburgh Mills, and hoped I didn't fall asleep.

No worries about that, actually. Watching the new Harry Potter film was fun. On IMAX, even more so. We found ourselves stuck behind a really poorly designed barrier. They built a solid wall in front of seats high enough that only 6 foot tall Tessa and I could mostly see over. The age of the crowd, as could be expected for opening night, was fairly young but not obnoxiously so. The movie theater was surprisingly lax for such an event -- they let me walk in with a backpack to change, come back in without ever showing a ticket, etc. It was a refreshing experience in service industry folks not beaten into compliance.
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