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lunabellaluna has an 8am class on Tuesday and Thursday, and I offered to give her a ride in this morning. I had woken at 4am the day before, I'm trying a morning routine. I got up this morning, showered, and had breakfast. We had left my car loaded with stuff to-be-moved, so I took corvisdog out to start unloading it. On the first trip, he decided to wander off. For the second trip, I recovered him, and put him on-leash. Had a box of food-stuffs (spices) and some glasses. As we approached the back stairs, I noticed a great deal of broken glass and watched Corvis walk over it. That distracted me from thinking about where I was walking, so I tripped over the raised path. I stumbled, and, not wanting to drop the box, I tried stumbling to the side of the house to arrest my fall. As box hit brick, it collapsed and fell. As did I. My fall was arrested by the friction of my forehead sliding down the side of the house.

Nothing like a bit of forehead trama to remind you that it is sometimes safer to stay in bed.

After the bleeding stopped, and the shock left my system, I managed to deliver lunabellaluna to her class only a couple of minutes late. I am now at work with my winter cap on indoors, to cover the bloody bandage on my head.

How was your morning?
Tags: corvis, disclosure, health, tessa

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