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Corvis snacked on the Subject line.

  • Storage Unit - Clear!:
    I moved most of my stuff into storage six months ago. As a part of the spectacular deal that Tessa's brother was able to work for me on the unit, I ended up pre-paying for six months (err, three months with three months free). Today I finished clearing it out. I am back out of temporal holding. Once again I occupy more than a 10'x10'x8' area as a principle stuff repository.

  • I web Develop a Cure:
    Last week went "live". This is a site I put together for Danielle and Vanya. It isn't populated yet, but I built it with many dynamic mechanisms for enabling the lay user to fill it and to be kept current. I will mention it again when it is worth surfing over to look over the contents. CSS is my friend, and Firefox is easy to make useful for layout help.

    Speaking of my web inkerings, has anyone looked at the redesign of []? I will have to expand it, but it is clean and simple and makes me happy at various levels.

  • Better Living Through Robots:
    As per lunabellaluna's latest post, I bought a Roomba Discovery. It was a housewarming present from my parents. I had considered, but held off the robotic vacuum for quite some time. Partially based on a fear of what corvisdog would do to an unarmored one in action. He has a history of disliking my mobile electronics equipment. The RoboSapien vexes and torments his sense of... something. As it turns out, a rampaging vacuuming disc does not bother him. Corvis is a master at leaving little reminders of his rich black coat over anything he can... see. The Roomba does a very serviceable job at picking these up, without filling the bucket up too frequently. By which I mean, if we run it every day it can probably handle more than a room. And knowing Tessa, she probably will. And why not, it is now as easy as pressing the clean button.

  • Head Trauma:
    I have been been recovering in a very non-linear fashion. Day one, awfulness. Day two, looks more reasonable. Day three, we start formulating the questions to ask about amputation of the forehead. Daily ups and downs on whether I need to wear a hat, whether it really was infected this time, etc. When faced with a choice, places where one is seeing beads of sweat is not so desirable for the abrasions. Especially when there is much heavy lifting to be done. Stopped bandaging around Day seven. The scabs came off on Day ten. Now it is smooth, pink, and would be a real love if it chooses not to scar.

  • I have book reports to write.

  • Edge-U... Edge-U-Mack... Education:
    I just can't stay away. I am now enrolled in two courses this semester. And for a change, they are not even MBA classes. None of the business school classes seemed worth the struggle. I am back to technical classes, to fill in gaps in my knowledge. See, I'm working on another couple of startup ideas, and I figured I could use my tuition benefit toward building skills. Separate post to follow about the classes.
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