dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Pittsburgh Steeler Time

Pittsburgh is a football town. Pittsburgh is playing in the Superbowl tonight. The town is crazy.

I have surveyed the "stuff that's open in Pittsburgh" during Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. With the exception of the sports oriented bars and restaurants, I believe that today will easy best them. Every establishment has a sign saying when they close today; everything is before 6 (kickoff is 6:30).

4thfromtheleft and I are going to try to really experience this: bar crawl in the southside. The danger will be getting home. When they won the championship, hooligans drove around screaming, fireworks, etc. Now we've had two weeks of people talking about how they're getting drunk for the superbowl, and managing expectations of the rioting likely to result. As I typed that, the guy who works in the coffeeshop was talking about how one of his regular cop customers came in in SWAT markings today.

This is fun.

The roads are relatively empty, but the cars are rolling by with Steelers stuff (flags, towels) and horns blaring. Fortunately, I have plenty of experience navigating roads clogged with drunk drivers (hello Boston) and have less-travelled routes to get away in.

The rioting is if they win. That's a best case.

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