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For the entire game, the South Side had looked like a ghost town -- no traffic, no pedestrians, no nothing. But as the final seconds wound down, the bars emptied. Fans were mostly orderly, with young people savoring a moment that their parents had enjoyed four times in the ancient days of the 1970s. "The crowd is reaallly big," a woman police officer radioed from the South Side. In pouring snow, members of a huge crowd at 18th and Carson streets embraced, waved Terrible Towels and shouted for joy. Many used cell-phone cameras and video cameras to save the memories.[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Walking around before the game was fun. Lots of vehicles honking -- a particular favorite was the guy who drove his big rig cab down the road to ensure he had the loudest horn. Every non-essential store was closed (and some were still occupied anyway). Stores that were closed had also taken preemptive security measures: Mallorca sported several pieces of Steelers paraphenalia.

Watching the game in the theater reminded me most of watching a game at the field; the chatter, the group joy and pain with the successes and failures. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has Steelers gear. This made it very convenient for recalling which player that was who just made a play: "Who is 82?... ah, over there, RANDAL EL".

This was a nice experience, and fairly unique. Very Pittsburgh weather. And a very friendly crowd. Lots of hugs and hands slapped were administrated on my walk back to my car. And the roads were not so bad. Just... loud. *HONK HONK HONK!!*

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