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One of my "issues" is that I like to reduce the number of technologies that I rely on.

The few times I've lost my glasses, or had my glasses damaged on a trip, or the daily hunt for them: I am reminded of my dependency. Friday I had an examination with a Lasik center. I will probably go ahead with it in the immediate future... I've planned to for quite some time, and

Two weeks ago, Corvis chewed on my latest CPAP mask. Fortunately, I already had an appointment with my sleep doctor. I was not only able to order a new one, but offered a newer style. But, again: a week waiting for a new mask makes me crazy. Going to bed with the machine is an irritant; thinking about going to bed with a machine for the rest of my life, scary. When I first got my diagnosis, the hypothesis was that it might be related to my rather large tonsils. Today I met with a top ENT surgeon and am scheduled for a tonsillectomy at the end of April. I've heard recovery times of 1-3 months; he claimed about 10 days. He also estimated at least an 80% chance that the operation would cure both my apnea and my snoring.

On a different topic... Last Tuesday, I got phone calls and emails from two different set of recruiters with interesting opportunities. I had an interesting set of interviews this morning with Union Switch & Signal.
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