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In wrapping up my employment, I've encountered an interesting PTO/vacation situation. But I don't feel like writing, so I will provide coverage in bullet form.
  • I keep a livejournal as something of a disambiguation resource -- what did I do when
  • I haven't reconciled my days off with accounting since 08/2004
  • As of 8/2005, I get 20 days off a year
  • 8 floating holidays (not bankable)
  • I haven't really taken a day off this year
  • ...unofficially...
  • I'm leaving for a job with half as many days off
  • I took a paid month off once and I would do it again
  • 20 days a year is a month off. Floating holidays are gravy.
  • Instead of leaving CMU before my surgery, I think I'm going to take a vacation for my surgery and recovery. I will come back to work a day or two before I go to Switch.
  • I have benefits for the rest of the month of my termination date.
  • ...I asked HR about it.
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