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This post is commercial

Now as ever seems like the time to post about some of the fun commercialization efforts of the web.


According to Webmaster Eyes, Mr. Hurst already has as much pagerank as my best pages (not livejournal) and Mr. Tunison is in the Google Sandbox. But these kinds of links can't hurt, considering they are both good friends and good projects.

  • I have received several neat books from A site affiliated with 800-CEO-READ, they have a new book (or other) for offer every day. You enter, and occasionally you win, and they ship the book to you (wrapped in bubble wrap)... at no cost for you. Like Woot but totally free. It works because its a pretty cheap form of advertising; I'm surprised there are not more book giveaways. Books are hard and expensive to market, but a good book gets great word of mouth. For a great book, why not just give away a couple to more than just the obvious network connectors, and watch it grow.
  • MacZot has a similarly interesting concept. They want attention for BLOGZOT 2.0 on Some other good commercial Mac software also wants attention -- in today's case, SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys. The nice thing about commercial software -- like books -- is that with the low cost of copy, giveaways are cheap if they generate users and attention. Claims like "MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software". In exchange for blog links, they are reducing the cost of SubEthaEdit for the day, heading toward free. I don't (yet) own a Mac, but if I did I would want a copy of this software -- it is pretty neat (I tried with marginal success to find a similar linux based tool, during a paper writing session). And I've just qualified this post.
  • Long Or Short Capital is the first blog with a dividend policy for its subscribers. Yes, that's right -- in addition to being a regularly funny "finance" blog, they are playing with corporate finance in the blog model. Each quarter they announce a dividend based on ad revenue, and have some clever ways of determining subscribers. Subscribers get the choice of a link or a paypal transfer. Its true -- I got $1.50 last quarter.
  • Finally, it is free cone day at all Ben & Jerry's today. Go get some free ice cream.

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