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I don't update frequently because I respect you.

  • Housing: We've got two contenders and some really fun stories about trying to buy a house in the begining of a buyer's market. Our poor young agent's training is in shambles from the unconventional things that are happening. But we're getting close, and should get a good place. If we end up buying at all.
  • Work: I started May 15 and now it is June 14. Making good progress getting into the corporate work thing. Different, but not bad, and it is a good work environment. I think. I have been given a lot of freedom to run off and write the kind of code I've wanted to be writing, once I figure out how to frame the problems correctly.
  • Movies Been introducing Tessa to the Star Wars films after I realized she had not seen them and I was marrying her anyway. Yes, we started with 4. Finished 5 yesterday. I guess I'll eventually get around to watching 1-3 again.
  • Corvis is just great. He's definately improved with age, and I think he likes having a mom, even if she is more strict (she feeds him more cheese).
  • Ultimate: played in a tournament last weekend (see below), and I am captaining another Summer League team this year (with Erica Hacker). The draft is tomorrow, and I'm on my own.
  • Party: had a grill party yesterday, which held a nice mix of my present (my lead and his family) and past co-workers, mutual friends, and one of Tessa's good friends I had not yet met. Fun, and not so hard to pull off when equipped with a Costco membership.
  • Wedding: I don't think I've updated or mentioned it here, but our wedding and the Pittsburgh reception are fixed at being on Saturday, November 18. No dates have been announced for the Boston or San Francisco shows. The small wedding is getting bigger based on a better than expected conversion rate (still just family, but that's stretched out as far as Great Uncles from all over the country)

I played in a great tournament on Saturday: Format in a Hat! This year they divided the registrants into teams based on size (as opposed to the zodiac, zip code, Myers-Brigg, visited states data they collected). Does height matter above all? Apparently, yes -- as a member of the Tallest team [ Men: <6'1.75",oo), Women: <5'7.5",oo) ], I got to participate in total domination. 6-2 for the half in the two pool games (final was 11-7 for both) against Taller and Tall. 11-2 in our game against a strong Shortest team. Then we won the Discravaganza, and the championship game against Short. It is interesting having a consistently taller team than everyone else.

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