dMv (daemonv) wrote,

After months of searching, we found what we believe to be the right house for (approximately) the right price. After ranging throughout the city, and the neighboring towns, we found it one block from our apartment. The sales agreement goes into effect in about 4 hours, and is a fairly binding one.

We got the price we asked for (discussed in a separate post). It is a change from the other houses we've looked for, and not just because it is 80K more than our previous highest offer. The building is quite large for a starter home... as it is a duplex. A giant duplex -- two units with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and an integrated garage space in each. They are Highland Park large, about 2k square feet each, but located in Point Breeze. Blocks from the announced location of Trader Joes and Walnut Capital's Bakery Square.

Tessa and I are pretty happy. After visiting more than 60 houses, one would hope so. We are very comfortable with our neighborhood and its location, and very comfortable with the upside potential of the property. Closing is set for August 3rd, which gives us almost a month to fix up and move into the vacant apartment. A one block move sounds nice.

I will post more/better pictures when I am next inside the property. These were from the listing.

Tags: decision, housing, investments, moving, roommates

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