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Closing Time

The deal got done today. The giant cashiers check produced and endorsed, keys exchanged, many documents initialed and signed, but it is done. I own (20% of) a piece of land and property. I received my first rent check. Lovely.

Now "the fun" begins. Tessa has spent the week selecting paint colors and operating on the role of general contractor. I believe she has at least three contractors scheduled for tomorrow. I put up a private activeCollab installation for managing all the work we have to do, from fixtures to the major work. My parents arrive on Sunday for a nine day work-vacation to help get us started. Endless projects, but I get to do things the way I want to do them. That is satisfying for me.

In April, when we started looking at housing, we also started restricting our purchases. In May, we would go to stores and mark "things to buy after we move". In June, our evening and weekends were occupied by tours. And I spent the month of July trying not to spend any money while spending a lot of money and time on getting this deal done. We have things we want to have (better lighting, etc), and things we have to spend money on (like paint), and a number of things that we have to spend money on which are open-ended expenses (like electrical upgrades). Having to produce the largest check of my life can be a little anxious.

Anxiety has not been the hardest part; that would be the delay. This set up has combined properties of three of my least mental health safe experiences: moving, college acceptance, and undergraduate stress. There is a lot of work to do -- the anxious stress -- a persistent feeling when I was an undergraduate, of Work To Be Done. But I could not do it -- a powerless feeling of Work That Can Not Be Done Until... Everything has been held up by the decision to buy and then the handoff of control. It was like waiting for college acceptance letters -- life has to go on, and there is a big impending change, but nothing I could do about it. And I am on the record as saying Moving is my least favorite experience, and that's what I have been preparing for and that is what I get to do now.

The day is done.

It was not made any easier by this mornings sad news. The Heller family's dog, Barkley -- a really great dog -- has been very sick. He has been on the old-age decay pattern for a while now. But he had a heart of gold and a champion. This morning he had to be put to sleep. We will all miss him.

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