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I've been a bad Summer League captain this year. I probably should not have agreed. But I did. I drafted a team that looked quite good on paper.

The first couple of weeks were frustrating, because we'd have moments of brilliant play -- unstoppable, quality play -- followed by amateur night. Our point differential was amazingly low, but I can't recall how many of our 10-14 games started 0-6. A deficit is hard to overcome in a time capped game.

The result -- we won only one game this season (1-12). While our point differential (-56) was better than two other teams in the league, and our power rank placed us at 21 (of 24)... we seeded at 24 of 24 for playoffs.

Our play-in game was tonight, against the #9 team (Narcoleptic Sects, 7-6).

It was a great core that showed up tonight. While the Sects had players in abundance, we had eight men (Jason, Webster, Judo Jim, Jonathan, Cheese, Mike A., Dean) and three women (Erica, Marie, Rebecca). It was a hard fought game, trading points the whole time.

In the end... we won by the hard cap rule that had ruined so many of our previous comeback attempts. The team had fire and intensity, and looked great. We lost the half, 6-8, and then immediately caused and converted two quick goal-line turnovers. It was our game, and we took it.

We get to play in the A/B pool. A team with a 1-12 record is now #9. From what I can tell, that's a first in the league history.


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