dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Not dead yet

I don't update this month because:

I go to work. I come home to work on the house. I sleep. Repeat.

my computer

And, because it isn't very convenient at the moment. We have one room in the house where we can get a weak pirated wireless signal. My computer was in pieces until yesterday. (With the dog bed in that room, it was tied for most usably furnished room in the entire building). (Nice floors, eh?) I put it together because I needed to fall back to it to generate the fall league rosters, a week late. Excel has some annoying limitations. I tried to plug it in to the one grounded outlet on the first floor outside the kitchen... it failed. Did I mention that gustof is going to help me rewire the building? Because it needs it, completely? Yeah.

I've learned a lot about house construction, home repair, improvement, etc. Today's big excursion was buying and rehabilitating a toilet. We're replacing a rusted out 1964 steel toilet with a 1954 porcelin model. Other tasks were installing a dryer vent and getting the laundry situation on our side straightened out, automated ice maker kit, and other miscellaneous tasks. The big accomplishment was finally getting a lease signed. Really do have to finish repainting and rewiring the upstairs unit by October 1st...

I won't be posting much, but phone calls are appreciated distractions.

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