dMv (daemonv) wrote,

Must be avoiding something...

I spent yesterday filing my taxes. Yep, more than two months early. I guess the IRS has time on its hands right now -- my return has already been accepted.

It helps that I was "due" a large refund. Yes, I probably should have proactively reduced my withholding rate last year, but it was all so complicated. But between filing jointly with a lower earning spouse (last year, at least), buying a house and repairing a rental unit, I managed to work the angles substantially. Filing now, I get my substantial refund in a week or so, and I can put it to better use than as an interest-free loan.

Also learned a lot about what I should be doing financial and paperwork-wise with my little rental business. Encouraging, though -- on an AGI basis, we made 57% more in 2006 than 2005, but managed to reduce our effective tax rate. If I could just achieve 57% growth annually for a couple more years, I might actually make some real money...

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