dMv (daemonv) wrote,

I hurt one of my babies today

I'd say I felt like working from home today, and that should have been a sign that I shouldn't have tried to go in... but I feel like that many days. But plenty of other people at work have been sending out notice that they are working from home, due to the storm.

But I'm a good bad-weather driver with a good bad-weather car. Plenty of people are commuting successfully.

My good bad-weather car failed me.

I was driving down an open road, going slowly. There is a slight downhill slope from Dallas St toward the intersection with Forbes Ave. There is a stoplight at that intersection, because Forbes is big and fast. At that stoplight were two cars in the two lanes in my direction. I was going less than 20 mph, but as I went down the slope (about 300yds from the cars) I started to slow down. Brakes had no effect... brakes had little effect... emergency brake had no effect.

Anyone who has been in an accident or a near accident experience is familiar with the temporal effects -- things slow down. Imagine, now, my state of slowly gliding into the cars in front of me, which I couldn't avoid. It probably took 45-60 real seconds -- so about 15 minutes in headspace. Until the light itself, the road is two lanes wide -- not wide enough to do a 180, as Sarah might remember I'm OK with performing. I just had to sit there, working the brakes and the wheel, and try to gracefully slide into the cars in front.

Loss of passenger headlight. The aluminum hood crumpled as expected. The front digs into the road a bit. The engine -- or one of the secondary belt systems -- makes occasional revving. Otherwise, operational. Flawed, and my baby will never be as pretty as she was. But there were no injuries.

Now the joys of claims and an insurance policy that loses its good driver flag. Lovely.

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