dMv (daemonv) wrote,

A gift that keeps giving

Tessa has been talking about wanting another dog, narrowed down to a couple of breeds. But she's concerned about how that would make Corvis feel. One of the top two contenders was a Shiba Inu.

For Valentine's Day, I got her a virtual one (Penny Arcade: fully scratchable, portable pups that pant in a bright, perpetually sterile realm).

Honestly, I had not read this blog report about female gamers until this morning. Yes, I did get Tessa a DS for Valentine's Day. No comment on our own conclusions of the survey.

She had wanted to get me a Wii, but was unable to find one. She confessed this days before, with the intent of avoiding gift exchange in total. (Apparently, I am difficult to shop for). So, in addition to her request for an upgraded hair dryer, I picked up a gift for both of us (the Nintendo DS).

I remember thinking they would be great and one of those few game systems I might actually buy. Atypical of many of my peers, I have only owned two game systems prior -- an original Gameboy when I was young, and a PS2 (mostly for watching DVDs, which bucy eventually confiscatedliberated from a layer of dust). The DS had been intriguing when announced -- when it was news for Total Information Awareness, but then I kind of lost interest. I was made aware of the quality of Nintendogs via Penny Arcade:
It turns out that the game is just sort of Goddamn irresistible, and it doesn't really matter who you are. It is a pet sim, in any case it's a sim where you do a lot of petting. It exerts what I'm certain is a kind of illegal mind control, hooking itself into those portions of the brain responsible for protecting tiny balls of fur.

I've known for a long time that it was a game with dogs in it, and pictured myself rubbing the dog in various places and so forth. Let it be known: dogs get rubbed in this game. I was right about that much. You brush, scrub, rub, and welcome your pup into its ghoulish, emulated life. You might know this already, I missed it because I was ignorant and reveled in that ignorance, but it's the game's use of voice that seizes the very machinery of human empathy. This starts with naming, and moves on to training with verbal commands. ...

It's also a kind of Voight-Kampf test you can use to determine if your friends are replicants. I'm not saying you're a robot if you don't buy it, this probably isn't what many readers are looking for in a "game." But they've made something that is difficult not to respond to.

I had recently become interested in all of the positive reviews for Brain Age. That was my present for myself. It is very nice.

Any suggestions for a new DS owner?

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