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Damage Report, updated

For those curious, I updated my previous accident post with answers. The wisdom of crowds is impressive.

And to speak briefly on my experiences with GEICO -- they've been great. I've had them for years, having initially been the cheapest quote and the fastest service (I needed a policy in 30 minutes, which many couldn't do). And I have a reasonably substantial position (for me) in Berkshire Hathaway.

When adding Tessa and her car to my policy (required after marriage), I shopped around a bit. The last time I did that, I was amazed at the quotes from "the competitors" who -- even when I told them what I was paying at GEICO -- offered me policies for 2-3x more. This time, however, I got quotes for $100 less with two others. I've been on the fence as to whether to take it -- that's $100 for six months, although I think $50 of that was a "new policy" discount. GEICO has been generous enough about lowering my costs every renewal...

I have been extremely happy to have stayed with them. Filing the claim was quick and easy online, with a very courteous follow-up call. They made it very easy, otherwise, too. I don't have an auto body shop of choice, as I've never had such a need. They have an arrangement with one of the big dealers in the area (who recently bought my old dealership)... I just dropped it off, and there was a GEICO adjuster and an autobody specialist waiting, with my rental car on its way. No questions of payments, etc. - I pay only my deductible when I pick it up. I had my initial estimate and the photos I used for my previous post online within two hours.

We'll see what this does to my rate. I expect, though, that GEICO will be as good as anyone, having access to my 5 years of good driving and loyalty.
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