March 3rd, 2002



From a readable Sterling: It's much like my teenage daughter's AOL Instant Message mania. Her Mom and I, we were kinda worried about her 90% digital social life, until we realized that we don't have to buy her a car or any gasoline. If this describes you as a teenager, raise your hand.

Heck, that probably describes my sister as well. She would mock me for being a computer geek -- I was the one with the 24x7 netconnected linuxbox in the house in 94. And yet often her social evenings would revolve around her and a friend or three gathered at the family PC, AIM'ng all of the friends who weren't there. Yes, she was social (did you know there was a 100 user buddylist limitation, or used to be) and I was not. Yes, I wrote communication programs and she consumed them. But Sterling is right... the general promiscuity of all our cool toys indicates social contagion.

She (vermonster) has had a livejournal account for months.


Fred Hapgood is really cool. I've been on the NSG mailing list for some time, and he continues to generate fascinating spins on the emerging scenerio worlds of nanotech. He hasn't yet posted the latest entry to his page, so its below. Its of great relevance to my best class this semester

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